The Faith Crisis Report stated objective of "retaining those members currently in crisis" (Our View)
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May 28, 2023

Our View

The Faith Crisis Report stated objective of "retaining those members currently in crisis"
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While we gratefully support the LDS Faith Crisis Report for what it has revealed, we disagree with the stated goal of "retaining those members currently in crisis".

What rational individual would not question the competence of a licensed family therapist who would advocate that a physically abused wife remain with her abusive husband?. Would a husband chronically intent on causing sufficient psychological damage to accomplish blind obedience and acquiescence to manipulation and exploitation be an exception?

We believe that the deceitful conduct and subsequent social abuses that the LDS Church heaps upon members enlightened enough to find themselves struggling with the obvious credibility issues in the Church's claims of divine origins and divine authority are reprehensible and inexcusable behavior. Beyond reprehensible, they are profoundly socially damaging behavior. (See Managing The Gas Light)

The LDS Faith Crisis Report's own conclusions reveal egregious social damages to the victims of Mormonism's abuses, up to and including suicidal ideation. Utah, as a state, consistently reports above average incidences of suicide.

See "Is LDS Provoked Suicide Preventable?"

We, at XMO Resources are well aware from our own surveys that not just "suicidal ideation" but numerous actual suicides are attributed to the abuses of Mormonism.

The advocacy, on any level, of retention, or the suggestion that members should remain members and/or overlook on any level the deceit and abuses of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the basis of some notion of a mythical "greater good" that is somehow served by continuing to contribute to or even overlook the enterprise of Mormon fraud, exploitation, and social abuse gives rise to serious questions about the rationality, intellectual competence, and motivations of those who espouse such views.

Common among these apologies for Mormonism are the notions that the faith promotes and supports good family values and moral behavior. We reject this claim and believe that it is absolutely not true. Rather, we believe that Mormonism egregiously exploits the already extant natural inclinations towards good family values and moral behavior of the victims it preys upon by masquerading its ostensible support for such values while ripping out the very fiber of such values in its moral shredder demanding blind obedience to a self appointed, self serving, and obviously morally corrupt priesthood. This mindless obedience is taught as a higher value to which family interests and moral decency are to be mercilously sacrificed routinely. (See also: Character Assassination)

Sadly, and shamefully, the ex-Mormon community and the community of ex-Mormon "sympathizers" is heavily infiltrated (if not dominated) by self serving social elements that exploit the angst resulting from profound faith crisis while serving the social and business alliances of Mormon apologists and Mormon business associates and shepherding the angst of the abuse away from holding the LDS Church to reasonable standards of accountability for its abuses. We make no apology for calling out, with disgust, this element and distancing ourselves from it.

While we understand and respect the profoundly difficult situation that many have reported about being afraid to leave the Church because of the very real risk of economic ruin and family upheaval (from the Church's retaliatory abuses against apostates), we recommend all who can manage to leave any environment of abuse should do so at the earliest opportunity without looking back apologetically.


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