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May 28, 2023

Strengthening Church Members Committee

On The Mormon Church's clandestine harassment of outspoken apostates

The Mormon Church's "Strengthening Church Member's Committee" was awkwardly acknowledged, under pressure, by LDS Church Spokesman Michael Purdy and LDS Apostle, Jeffrey Holland in interviews with John Sweeney of the BBC for the BBC Documentary film, The Mormon Candidate.

We are completely convinced on the basis of anecdotal evidence, confidential reports, and other evidence, that the Mormon Church's "Strengthening Church Members Committee" engages secret surrogate contractors to employ substantially similar strategies and tactics as revealed to be in use by the American Intelligence Community's "JTRIG" unit as exposed by Snowden, to defame, discredit, harrass, and/or disrupt the lives of outspoken critics of Mormonism and, particularly, advocates of public accountability for the fraud of Mormonism.

We also believe, on the basis of anecdotal evidence, confidential reports, and other evidence, that the Mormon Church, and elements within the American Intelligence Community, either directly or through surrogates or proxies, cooperate on projects involving the marginalization, defamation, SEO displacement, and/or other life disruptions of outspoken critics of Mormonism, due to the American Intelligence community's close cooperative ties with the Mormon Church.

We believe that the diversion of public assets, including staff time, commercially exploitable "intelligence" (industrial espionage), and religious or commercially motivated investigations, accusations, and operations, for private benefit is criminal activity. Accordingly, if our "suspicions" are correct, elements within the American Intelligence Community would be engaging in criminal activity by employing government assets to defend or insulate the Mormon Church from reasonable accountability for its abuses and the impact of legitimate criticism....

....unless, of course, it can be successfully argued (as some do, behind closed doors) that the Mormon Church, by virture of it's intimate cooperation with the CIA, is, in effect, an asset of the Intelligence community and such activities are immune from prosecution for national security reasons.

The glaring problem with that argument, however, is not that it might be false, (in our view it is most certainly and inappropriately true that the LDS Church is a working asset of the Intelligence Community and, likely, intelligence communities in other nations), but that such is a grotesque violation of the United States Constitution's establishment and entanglement clauses (separation of Church and State).

It would take a grotesque degeneration of civic values to overlook a situation where elite Mormon industrialists and finance moguls enjoy the private benefits of cooperation and technical assistance of the American Intelligence Community in exchange for outspoken political support, obstruction or discouragement of appropriate investigation and accountability, and public endorsement of the morally ambiguous and socially irresponsible activities of the Intelligence Community.

We believe this is precisely the type of corruption of public institutions (including the Intelligence Community) that is now rampant in our culture.

Considerable suspicion surrounds this hypothesis. Some believe that Tom Phillips' case against the Mormon Church in Great Britain, which got as far as a criminal subpoena being issued by a lower court for the detainment of Mormon President, Thomas Monson on suspicion of criminal activity, was actually disrupted by top secret appeals on grounds of National Security by the British Intelligence community on behalf of the American Intelligence community.

The rationale for the abrupt dismissal of Phillips' case seems to have employed, at least in part, flawed reasoning discussed in essays on this site. As an example of "British Intelligence", it appears to be unbecoming of intelligence otherwise associated with Her Majesty's Court. Where the stated rationale isn't credible, another motivation was likely to exist.

Snowden's disclosures reveal the cooperation of the "Five Eyes Alliance" between the Intelligence communities of the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Further, that the Five Eyes Alliance is not only organized for the mutually appropriate objective of legitimate sharing of intelligence and related cooperation, but as well, for the categorically illegitimate objective of circumventing laws against the CIA conducting espionage on United States citizens.

To circumvent this, it is understood that the CIA makes requests that foreign intelligence agencies conduct such espionage on its behalf, and then share the intelligence. Such delegations of espionage activities, in our view, are blatant violations of law illegitimately concealed in shrouds of illegitimate secrecy.

Similarly, we believe that the American Intelligence community , including the CIA, delegates spying on Mormon dissidents to the Mormon Church, and collaborates on activities to disrupt the lives and otherwise discredit said dissidents, in order to protect the corrupt alliance from appropriate disclosure and accountability.

Illegitimate justification for such activities is contrived to benefit the security interests in the Nations who participate in such corruptions of the charters of their intelligence communities. However, the tragic reality is that the intelligence community, at least in the United States (in our view) has been categorically corrupted by infiltration of interests who seek their own power and wealth, like the Mormon Corporate empire, and who use their influence with the intelligence community to obstruct, obfuscate, disrupt, and avoid detection by those who would expose the corruption.

They are not spying on Americans to keep Americans safe. They are spying on Americans to disrupt the lives and discredit the individuals who are coming into awareness of the actual corruptions that are now rampant throughout American institutions and likely institutions throughout the world.

In the case of Gary Webb, the San Jose Examiner reporter who exposed the relationship between the CIA and drug smuggling, his initial tip off was observations made in criminal court proceedings where known drug dealers were ordered not to respond to court inquiries on National Security grounds.

After exposing the corruption of the CIA in question, Gary Webb was ultimately found in a hotel room with two gunshot wounds to the head. Curiously, (or not) it was ruled a suicide.

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