Practical Considerations (Understanding the Gaddy Case)
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May 28, 2023

Understanding the Gaddy Case

Practical Considerations
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Approaching the topic of religious fraud, in general, and the fraud of Mormonism, in specific, brings us to practical considerations. Those considerations may vary depending on your relationship to the subject matter.

You may be a true believing member of the Mormon church, (now increasingly rare), who finds the notion of Mormon fraud to be an offensive assault which you presume necessarily to be rooted in some malfeasance of those who suggest such to be the case.

You may be a baptized member of the Mormon church who understands that the Church has been completely discredited by a preponderance of evidence that demonstrates the Book of Abraham and the Book of Mormon to be demonstrable frauds, but who remains a member for social reasons.

You may be a former member of the Mormon Church who left the church or is considering leaving the Church out of disgust over your increasing awareness of the hypocrisy and duplicity of the leadership of the Mormon Church. Perhaps you struggle with the growing piles of evidence that the historical origins of the faith have been knowingly and willfully misrepresented and that the Church has accumulated ungodly wealth which it invests in private enterprises that it controls and manipulates for the enrichment of its friends and insiders while being dishonest with its members about the disposition of their tithes and other sacrifices.

You may be a prominent official of the Mormon Church ("General Authority") who now finds himself pinned between the ongoing demands and expectations of the Church that you defend and support its untenable claims of divine authority in the ministry or, on the other hand, experience significant financial losses and social fallout by breaching your non-disclosure and other agreements tied to financial advances and retirement funds made to you by the Church, which must be repaid or forfeited if you disavow your former testimony of the truthfulness of the Church.

You may be a prominent elected official, largely dependent on the support of devout Mormon voters, Mormon campaign funding through backchannels and surrogates, military industrial complex funding through backchannels and surrogates and intelligence community support tied to avoidance of accountability for gross constitutional overreaches, who now grapples with the credibility challenges of being associated with Mormonism. Perhaps you find yourself grappling with the public relations concerns as the ridiculousness and offensiveness of the fraud of Mormonism is increasingly exposed by the filings in the Gaddy case and questions about corruption and the credibility of the United States Judiciary become more likely under the political pressure for a ruling in favor of the Church that flies in the face of rational jurisprudence and Constitutional integrity.

You may be a Mormon apologist whose intractable cognitive occlusions protect you from the heartache of confronting the realities of the indisputable and conclusive evidence of Mormon fraud and who finds solace and comfort championing the social engineering project of rallying the faith of Mormon followers and encouraging the condemnation of those whose quest for social justice drives them to expose the truth about the self-serving deception and malfeasance of Mormonism.

You may be a Mormon apologist, who secretly understands the realities demonstrating the falsehood of the Church and the malfeasance of the Church leadership in attempting to conceal it, but who has profited economically and socially from efforts to obfuscate the realities of the relevant evidence and who now finds that the maintenance of his credibility with the followers of his apologist efforts requires the perpetuation of his public position even at the expense of his authenticity.

You may be an artificially popularized "leader" of the ex-Mormon community whose celebrity and notoriety has been facilitated by your quiet association with Church related backchannels assuring significant financial contributions to your efforts that distract attention away from the efforts of others to hold the Church accountable for fraud. Perhaps you personally profit from the angst of defrauded Mormons via the promotion of self-help campaigns to minimize and ameliorate the social destructiveness and psychological fallout of Mormonism through pursuits of personal success while minimizing discussion of the social merits of accountability for Mormonism and Mormon officials, and enjoy social status and financial success that is not unrelated to your contributions to the Church's agenda of distraction from campaigns for accountability of the Mormon Corporate Empire for the very real social damages resulting from Mormon fraud and the institutional corruption that overlooks it.

You may not be a member of the Mormon Church, but a member of some other church who still clings to the hopelessly naive and self-serving belief that religion generally, with all of its imperfections, serves the greater good of society amidst demonstrable social abuse and exploitation of the faith of its members.

You may not be a member of the Mormon Church, but a member of some other church who is becoming increasingly disillusioned with religion in general.

You may not be a member of the Mormon Church, but a member of an increasingly growing element of society that is unaffiliated with any particular religious group and who supposes that the fraud of Mormonism is not more significant or noteworthy than the fraud of so many other religions and not worthy of any attention beyond the simple acknowledgement of the general lack of credibility of organized religion and the practicality of disassociation.

You may be a high officer of the United States Judiciary who is confronted with the glaring realities of published jurisprudence and court opinions that condemn the type of malfeasance the Mormon Church is engaged in and clearly declare the United States Constitutional provisions of freedom of religion to be insufficient basis and inappropriate shelter for the use of the religious device as an illegitimate cover for outright fraud, deceit, and theft under the auspices of religion. Perhaps you realize the extent to which the very Judiciary, itself, has been corrupted with undue influence by infiltration and association with interests friendly to the Church who have the political power to bring your career prospects to a screeching halt if you are associated with judicial support for meaningful accountability for the fraud of Mormonism and the inappropriate misapplication of Constitutional law.

Whichever of the foregoing groups you may or may not belong to, you may still be a busy member of the human family who has little time for discussion that is not relevant to the immediacy of your well-being and that of your family and loved ones.

Make no mistake, it is our view, after extensive research spanning decades, that whether you are currently a Mormon, a former Mormon, or never a Mormon, the fraud of Mormonism and the insidious infiltration of Mormonism into public institutions, together with the ungodly accumulation of wealth, and political, economic, and social influence of the Mormon Corporate empire, constitutes a social cancer that is having a far greater impact on your life prospects, your political representation, your political freedoms, and your judicial prospects than most people have any idea of.

The point of this inquiry is no longer about Mormonism, per se, but about political corruption and the degree to which the very institutions of our nation both can be and have been hijacked by private Corporate interests under the false flags of religious autonomy and national interest supported by warped and contrived self-serving notions of a "greater good" and "continuity of government" under which public policy and illegitimate public action that serves the elite interests of the few at the expense of the many are justified, misrepresented, obfuscated, and all too often concealed under false cover of "national security".

You may not be a Mormon. You may never have been a Mormon. You may not care about Mormonism as a faith. But you are most certainly impacted by the sociopathic political attitudes with which justification for the massive hijacking of government resources, intelligence resources, public services, and public institutions to the service of private interests has and continues to take place in America. These private interests undermine the economic prospects and personal liberties of average Americans and masquerade as public spirited, patriotic, charitable organizations while privately making a mockery of the pledge of allegiance with which our children are taught to believe in "one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all".

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