Severity of LDS Personal Faith Crisis (LDS Personal Faith Crisis Report)
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May 28, 2023

LDS Personal Faith Crisis Report

Severity of LDS Personal Faith Crisis
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The personal trauma occasioned by the discovery of the extreme disparity between the official narratives of LDS Church history and the facts, together with the discovery of the systemic intent to deceive under the auspices of "correlation" and the contrived notion of a "greater good" that underlies the disparity, is described in the report to contribute to the following:

Evaporation of Belief

· For many, the loss-of-trust in the Church can translate into a loss-of-faith in God, Jesus Christ, and all religious beliefs.

· Traumatized Disbelievers often hit “rock bottom.”

· This stage can be very disturbing and unsettling for the struggling member. Many have labeled this Faith Crisis stage the “dark night of the soul.”


· Vanishing of existential foundation (loss of purpose)

· Questioning life after death

· Loss of identity and values

· Fear of losing family, friends, social network, and job

· Often unable to confide in anyone (can result in desperate loneliness)

· Anxiety, depression, and at times, suicidal thoughts

Let there be no mistake about the fact that the LDS Faith Crisis Report team uncovered and exposed the reality of the LDS Church's systemic intent to deceive its members about Church history and the severity of the human suffering caused by the willful actions of the LDS Church in this deception.

Typical of the observations by respondents who participated in the faith crisis survey is the following from a male in his 30's:

“ I learned the dishonesty was systematic and institutional, euphemized as ‘correlation,’ on the part of what I had believed to be God’s church—the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth with which God was supposedly well pleased. Indeed, the very church which burned the principle of honesty into my soul as a youth, the church which required me to be ‘honest in all my dealings,’ and the church to which I had confessed my darkest indiscretions in an attempt to remain honest before God—this same church simply has not told the truth about itself.”

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