The myth of a greater good (Utility Value in Friendship)
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May 28, 2023

Utility Value in Friendship

The myth of a greater good
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Sadly, but predictably, social engineers become so caught up in waves of social approval of their contributions to the goals of the group and the satisfaction (egoism) that such approval gives them, that they lose sight of how illegitimate and destructive their manipulations and deceptions actually are.

Contrived justification on grounds of an equally contrived "greater good" becomes their mantra of self justification.

There is no "greater good" that justifies reckless exploitive injustice and wholesale indifference to the legitimate rights of the individuals a social order is organized to protect.

Arguments to the contrary reveal the difference between legitimate supportive social orders, and exploitive social orders and cults that masquerade behind feigned social objectives and interests while actually pursuing, promoting, or protecting the narrow hidden interests of self appointed "elite" circles within the group.

Families that abandon their own, are no longer families. Topical shunning can be a form of abandonment. Indifference to the legitimate right of social justice, including the rights of privacy and fair disclosure, for each individual member, voids the social contract that otherwise would apply.


Understanding Friendships

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