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May 28, 2023

LDS Personal Faith Crisis Report

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In 2013 a group of unpaid individuals collaborated on the development and publication of a Personal Faith Crisis Report intended for presentation to the leadership of the LDS Church.

The motivation for the report was to assist LDS Church Leaders with recommendations targeted at:

• Better understanding Faith Crisis catalysts and processes.

• Determining the best course of action for retaining those members currently in crisis, repairing damaged families, and mitigating the negative implications of those who are leaving or have already left [the Church].

• Considering how to best prevent Faith Crisis from negatively affecting current and future generations.

Upon completion, the report was, in fact, delivered to the Leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon Church).

Insofar as we are aware, after making inquiries, we understand that the report was not commissioned by the LDS Church; not paid for by the LDS Church; and is not owned by the LDS Church. We understand that it was produced on the basis of the speculative hope that the leadership of the Church would accept it; read it; take it seriously; and benefit from its findings and recommendations.

As significant, was the hope that members of the Church experiencing faith crisis as a result of their discovery of facts that do not align with official Church narratives about the history of the Church would be benefited as a result of more compassionate attitudes and treatment of such members by the Church (as opposed to ruthless gaslighting, economic discrimination, marginalization, and other systematic forms of abuse against dissidents).

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