Prophets of God or Minions of Satan? Mormon Doctrine Speaks for Itself.
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May 28, 2023

Prophets of God or Minions of Satan? Mormon Doctrine Speaks for Itself.
November 18, 2019 - Hugh Parker

Hugh Parker, a former Mormon High Priest, exposes the LDS doctrine of a War in Heaven fought over the very principles at issue in the Gaddy lawsuit against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Fundamental to the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (formerly Mormon) is the belief in a series of events in the “pre-existence” (prior to events on earth) that define the Mormon view of their “unique” role in God’s “Plan of Salvation”.

Now, the same doctrinal view of theology presents us currently with what is arguably the most significant and serious indictment against the claim of divinity of the Quorum of 12 “Apostles” and First Presidency of the “Church” (collectively, the “Q-15”) as “Prophets, Seers, and Revelators”.

Each missionary who is called and “set apart” to teach the “gospel of Jesus Christ” to the world, on behalf of the LDS Church is expected to know, and teach, the Plan of Salvation to prospective converts, complete with its’ pivotal doctrinal theme.

That doctrinal theme is not only the concept, but the LDS view of the absolutely critical nature of unfettered free choice (“free agency”, in LDS parlance) as it relates to the choice each “child of God” will have the opportunity to make by accepting or rejecting the “gospel of Jesus Christ”.

The “gospel of Jesus Christ”, as taught by the LDS “Church”, necessarily includes the unique role of “modern day prophets” (the Q-15) as the exclusive agency of Jesus Christ on earth, uniquely authorized to direct the teachings of the gospel to all human beings.

Upon hearing the teaching of the gospel, all souls, according to the Plan of Salvation, will have the opportunity to demonstrate their “worthiness” for spiritual blessings and ultimate “exaltation” in the “Kingdom of God” by making the correct faith-based choice to accept the teachings of the gospel (teachings of the “Church” of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) as true without coercion or manipulation, and enter into a solemn covenant to conform their lives to those teachings. Baptism is the ritualistic expression of acceptance of this covenant.

This choice, to be recognized as a valid choice in LDS doctrine, must necessarily be a free choice. This is a crucial point drilled into the psyche of every LDS convert and member through doctrinal discussion, theatrical production, scriptural documentation, and solemn ritualistic presentation in LDS temples. Progression through the LDS Plan of Salvation is purported to be a matter of consecutive progressive teachings and correspondingly progressive covenants to accept and live by those teachings in an environment of uncoerced or manipulated free agency.

The profoundly critical role that the principle of unfettered freedom of choice has to the fairness of the judgement of God, in the Mormon doctrinal view of the Plan of Salvation, is punctuated by the LDS belief and doctrinal teaching that a great “war in heaven” (link to annotated BYU discussion of the War in Heaven) was fought over this very principle of free agency. This War in Heaven is referred to in numerous passages of canonized LDS scripture.

The key players in the war are two of the greatest souls among God’s children. The first would later come to the earth as Jesus. The other would become a fallen angel and come to the earth as Lucifer (Satan). The context of the war is the presentation of competing plans for redemption of souls after an earthly sojourn.

According to the LDS doctrinal view of this aspect of theology, a plan to test the faith of the children of God was devised, involving the placement of a “veil” of forgetfulness over the minds of human souls as they are born into the earth. The point of the “forgetfulness” is to erase from their vivid recollection, the reality of being in the presence of God and learning right from wrong from personal instruction and example.

The express purpose of the veil of forgetfulness was to leave the candidate dependent on feeling their way through temptation to find a spiritually guided faith-based approach to the discernment of truth and righteousness as revealed in the earthly realm.

The purported goal of the Plan of Salvation was to introduce souls into the earthly realm as a testing ground for their ability and willingness to live by faith as complimented by “promptings” of the “Holy Spirit” or “Holy Ghost”. The exercise would be to “prove” the “worthiness” for rejoining the presence of God for those who, upon hearing the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ taught in an environment free of coercion, while complimented by spiritual “promptings” (feelings) caused by the spiritual force of the Holy Ghost, would accept the truth of the teachings of the gospel.

This acceptance would include the unique role and authority of the LDS “Prophets, Seers, and Revelators” as God’s exclusive agents on earth. The candidates would commit to abide by the teachings of said prophets, as they speak on behalf of God.

This, according to LDS Doctrine and canonized LDS Scripture, was the proposed redemption plan of Jesus, who was among the most celebrated of God’s spirit children at that time of pre-earthly existence.

Alternatively, the spirit who would be later known as Lucifer (Satan), proposed a plan that ignored the “free agency” (freedom of choice) of the souls on earth and simply proposed that no souls would be lost to the opportunity of returning to the presence of God after their earthly sojourn owing to a plan of managed obedience by use of the manipulative disruption of unfettered choice.

According to LDS Doctrine, God accepted the proposed plan of Jesus, with “free agency” as the critical principle of “worthiness”. The war in heaven ensued over the matter. This war resulted in the expulsion of Lucifer (Satan) and a third of the “hosts of heaven” in the form of devils and tempters banished to earth as spirits, without mortal bodies. Their new, unwitting role, would be to ensure that an actual “choice” between right and wrong was available to the children of God on earth by virtue of introducing temptation to choose and do “wrong” or “evil” into the mix, as opposed to having only the choice of “good” available to them.

As it turns out, according to Mormon doctrine, that which made Satan a fallen angel was disrespect for the paramount principle of unfettered freedom of choice as a key element in the Plan of Salvation that Mormons attribute to God. God, to Mormons, is just. Justice is among the key attributes of God that define Him as God. Like other Christian counterparts to Mormonism, it is widely believed that all souls will be subject to the final judgment of God. This judgement cannot be just if the choices made by souls on earth are not free choices, made in an environment free of coercion or manipulation.

We now find that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is being sued in a proposed class action lawsuit precisely for the long sustained actions of fraudulent misrepresentation of material facts relevant to the origin of the Book of Mormon; the origin of the Book of Abraham, and the actual original claims of Joseph Smith on the subject of his direct interactions with God in the purported “first vision”. The very point and motivation of the misrepresentations was to manipulate the outcome of faith-based conclusions or choices.

That the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints did, in fact, knowingly and materially misrepresent material facts as described above is not in reasonable dispute. Evidence of these misrepresentations is not only well documented, but acknowledged by numerous qualified witnesses with inside knowledge of Church “correlation”, now including the Church itself as evidenced by a series of Gospel Essays partially correcting, under public pressure, while further obfuscating the significance of the misrepresentations.

That the intent of the Church, in their misrepresentations, was to manipulate the outcome of faith-based conclusions about the veracity of the Church’s claims of their origins and divine authority, is not in reasonable dispute. Numerous witnesses, formerly, and in some cases currently employed by the Church Educational System have published or are quoted in well documented published accounts of the actuality and intended purpose of the manipulative misrepresentations.

Evidence has been seen, in the form of videos on youtube and other venues, in which officials of the Church are actually recorded in the act of instructing Church Educational personnel in the requirement and expectation of such misrepresentations and material omissions of fact for the expressed purpose of manipulating the outcome of the desired conclusions of their proselytes.

For those who are well informed in the subject matter, particularly former Mormons whose faith crisis stems in significant part from this discovery, and who have been subjected to gas-lighting, topical shunning, character assassination, and various other shameful forms of personal abuse by members and officers of the Mormon Church for their awakening and resulting questions, these matters are only too well known and understood.

No matter what shameful behavior the Church now exhibits in objecting to judicial scrutiny of the actuality of their willful misrepresentations of material facts, and no matter what legal backflips the United States Judiciary may or may not make to assist this $100 billion dollar multinational corporation with strong ties to the American oligarchy and “deep state” avoid appropriate accountability to its’ defrauded members as a matter of law; the fact still and will always remain that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, under the direction of the Quorum of Twelve “Apostles” and the First Presidency of the Church, has, for generations, knowingly and willfully abandoned the Plan of Salvation attributed to Jesus Christ and did knowingly and willfully adopt the plan of Satan to manipulate faith-based conclusions out of their proselytes in an environment where unfettered free choice was knowingly, willfully, and intentionally manipulated and disrupted with misinformation to manipulate a desired outcome.

Let there be no mistake in the minds of reasonable men that the Satan of the Mormon doctrine and the Satanic influence that is attributed to him is alive and well in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Let all Christian and other faiths take note that to endorse and support the legitimacy of the fraudulent actions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is, as a matter of Mormon Doctrine, to openly be involved with an alliance with Satan and to make war on the most fundamental principle of justice and those who support it.

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