Intent to Deceive (Gaddy v COP (LDS) - Discussion of Case Concepts)
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May 28, 2023

Gaddy v COP (LDS) - Discussion of Case Concepts

Intent to Deceive
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The Gaddy complaint filed in US District Court alleges that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints willfully and intentionally misrepresented (for generations) certain facts about the historicity of the LDS Church origins in an effort to induce favorable faith-based conclusions about the divine origins and mission of the Church.

Specifically, the complaint alleges that the LDS Church, as an institution, willfully misrepresents that Joseph Smith professed to have a vision in which he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ and was told all other Churches were false, that the Book of Mormon is a true and authentic record of the ancient Americas and was translated by Joseph Smith from golden plates inscribed with reformed Egyptian, and that the book of Mormon scripture called the Book of Abraham was directly translated from Egyptian papyrus written by the biblical prophet, Abraham.

The Gaddy complaint cites evidence that the LDS Church: fabricated the claims about the so called "first vision" of Joseph Smith, which claims are known to the Church to be inconsistent with Joseph Smith's own accounts of that vision; fabricated the claim that the Book of Mormon was directly translated from golden plates inscribed with reformed Eqyptian, which claim is known by the Church to be inconsistent with the reality that the Book of Mormon was created by use of "scrying" which involved the use of a rock in a hat with magical powers, previously used by Joseph Smith, from which he claimed he could divine the location of treasure for gullible farmers; and that the Egyptian papyrus from which the Book of Abraham was purported to be translated is a standard funerary document common to Egyptian burials and known by independent Egyptian scholars and the Church to have nothing whatsoever to do with the so called "translation" of Joseph Smith entitled the Book of Abraham and not written by Abraham.

Evidence presented in the Gaddy complaint strongly suggests that the LDS Church knew the truth of the aforementioned matters; asserted itself systematically and willfully in efforts to conceal evidence of the truth of such matters and otherwise misrepresent such matters, and both knew and intended that their efforts at deception would impact on the faith based conclusions of proselytes and members.

The Gaddy complaint presents multiple glaring evidences to the effect that the Church had actual knowledge of the misrepresentations they were making and further demonstrated by their conduct that they do not believe their own doctrines. (See testimony of Ann Eliza) Not the least of which being evidence found in the possession of the Church that the plate from which a Book of Abraham facsimile was printed was intentionally altered from its original state to correspond with the contrived representation of the identity of a significant character in the facsimile.

In the view of this writer, given the facts before us and before the world and the United States Judiciary, the fact that leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Corporate Empire) enjoy even a scrap of credibility in today's world is a tragic indictment and commentary on the intelligence of our American culture or any culture that would continue to tolerate America's largest rolling fraud without criminal prosecution and serious civil awards for damages to countless victims.

The United States Government cannot reasonably expect to govern successfully without the respect of the governed. The failure of the United States Department of Justice, including all of its offices, officers, and agencies, to call Mormonism what it actually is (a socially destructive exploitive fraud undeserving of any measure of tolerance in an intelligent world) disqualifies the reasonableness of any expectation of respect from the American people.

That certain of the so-called "leadership" of the Ex-Mormon Community have exploited the angst of the defrauded victims of Mormonism by collecting contributions, sponsoring discussions, selling books, promoting their social services for private gain, and optimizing websites with tepid discussions of the subject matter at the expense of more serious treatment, without making it their primary business and purpose to expose and demand accountability for the social devastation of Mormonism including the reality of the appalling rate of suicide left in its wake in Utah, is a shameful commentary on opportunism without good faith.

That the American Press, including the Salt Lake Tribune's treatment of the subject matter of the reality of the social cancer that is Mormonism and the seriousness of the impact on its countless victims is no more pointed and direct in exposing the truth and calling for justice than it is, is a classic example of the contribution of the press to the dilution of American values by placing profit above social responsibility.

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