Are you my friend or a social engineer? (Utility Value in Friendship)
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May 28, 2023

Utility Value in Friendship

Are you my friend or a social engineer?
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A question worth considering about your "friends" might be disconcerting to some.

"Are your overt interests in me really about me, or more about a pursuit of your own acknowledgment and status within a social engineering group who has it's own objectives for me, while in pursuit of the myth of a greater good?"

Social engineers do not love you as much as they love the social credit and personal satisfaction that being in "your service" affords them in the eyes of others in their group or even the perceived notion of their God and his values for you.

So intense is this love of social credit, that it can give rise to a passive-aggressive hostility towards you and your actual interests and needs, no matter how legitimate, when those interests and needs are perceived to be inconsistent with the accomplishment of what the group has in mind for you, or the necessary avoidance of what the group doesn't have in mind for you.

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