Joseph Smith's Polygamy and Polyandry (LDS Credibility Concerns)
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May 28, 2023

LDS Credibility Concerns
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Joseph Smith's Polygamy and Polyandry
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Polygamy is when a man has more than one wife, simultaneously. Polyandry is when a man marries another man's wife, simultaneous to the current marriage.

It is a well established historical fact, now acknowledged by the LDS Church after denying it previously, that Joseph Smith secretly engaged in Polygamy and Polyandry before and after any professed "revelation" justifying it, in ways that no professed revelation has ever justified it.

In at least one particular instance, the polyandry began without the knowledge or consent of the current husband, who had been sent away on a "mission" for the Church, by Joseph Smith. (case of Orson Hyde).

In other cases, men were pressed upon to consent to the polyandry of Joseph Smith, involving their wives, under pressure of his professed authority from God.

Stories of the historically renown depraved emperor of Rome, Caligula, involve making a practice of holding dinner parties for captains and political leaders in the community, and then excusing himself from the dinner table to sleep with (rape) their wives in attendance at the dinner, only to return, shamelessly, in a silent dare to the husband. Objection was understood to mean death.

In Joseph Smith's abusive world, objection disqualified the husband for the eternal rewards in the afterlife and Church fellowship in this life for lack of obedience to the "Prophet of God".

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Does Joseph Smith's well established and documented practice of polygamy and polyandry before any professed "revelation" justifying it, and in ways that no professed "revelation" has ever justified it, give rise to fair and reasonable questions about the divine authority of the man, Joseph Smith, to represent God, as a "prophet"?

A) Yes. Of course it does. 

B) No. I have faith that all mysteries will be revealed in God's due time. 

C) No answer. I have been instructed to shun (avoid) such topics. 

For a deeper and more compassionate understanding of the human impact of the forgoing (and other) serious credibility concerns within Mormonism, please see the LDS Personal Faith Crisis Report

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