Mormonism and Blasphemy - Questions for the Christian Clergy
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May 28, 2023

Mormonism and Blasphemy - Questions for the Christian Clergy
by P. Brannock. June 21, 2013

P. Brannock responds to questions about calling out the blasphemy of the Mormon fraud. He poses serious questions to the clergy of other faiths.

In more than one of my posts on Mormonism, I’ve called the Mormon Church and its officials out for blasphemy. Not surpisingly, I've been asked about this. Blasphemy, according to Wikipedia is “the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for a religious deity or the irreverence towards religious or holy persons or things.”

According to the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia, blasphemy “signifies etymologically gross irreverence towards any person or thing worthy of exalted esteem. In this broad sense the term is used by Francis Bacon (1561-1626), when in his 'Advancement of Learning' he speaks of ‘blasphemy against learning’". On the subject of the malice of blasphemy, the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia cites St. Thomas as saying that blasphemy “is to be regarded as a sin against faith inasmuch as by it we attribute to God that which does not belong to Him, or deny Him that which is His”.

The LDS (Mormon) Bible dictionary explains that blasphemy “Generally denotes contemptuous speech concerning God or concerning something that stands in a sacred relation toward God, such as His temple, His law, or His prophet. Our Lord was on several different occasions charged by the Jews with speaking blasphemy, because He claimed the right to forgive sins (Matt. 9:3; Luke 5:21), because He called Himself Son of God (John 10:22–36), and because He said they would see Him ‘sitting at the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven’ (Matt. 26:64–65). These charges would have been true if He had not actually been all that He said He was.”

Common law (arguably arcane) continues to recognize blasphemy, defined by Blackstone to be “denying the being or providence of God, contumelious reproaches of our Saviour [sic] Jesus Christ, profane scoffing at the Holy Scripture, or exposing it to contempt or ridicule".

The New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia further points out that “The United States once had many penal statutes against blasphemy, which were declared constitutional as not subversive of the freedom of speech or liberty of the press (Am. and Eng. Ency. of Law, Vol. IV, 582). In the American Decisions (Vol. V, 335) we read that ‘Christianity being recognized by law therefore blasphemy against God and profane ridicule of Christ or the Holy Scripture are punishable at Common Law’, Accordingly where one uttered the following words ‘Jesus Christ was a bastard and his mother was a whore’, it was held to be a public offence, punishable by the common law. The defendant found guilty by the court of common pleas of the blasphemy above quoted was sentenced to imprisonment for three months and to pay a fine of five hundred dollars.”

Interestingly, at least from the Catholic perspective we find that “The seriousness of an affront is proportioned to the dignity of the person towards whom it is directed. Since then the insult in blasphemy is offered to the ineffable majesty of God, the degree of its heinousness must be evident.” - New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia. So it would seem that while an affront to persons and things generally is recognized as a form of blasphemy, such is not deemed to be quite the offense of blasphemy against God.

The questions arise, “What is the Mormon blasphemy that [I] am referring to, and why would such matter at all to a non-believer?”

The Mormon Church leadership has, historically, and continues to attribute to God their own divine appointment, by said God, as his exclusive divine agents on earth with specific priesthood duties and responsibilities that are absolutely essential to the exaltation of “man”. This claim is unequivocal, undeniable, and an essential and fundamental doctrine of the LDS Church. It is also patently, demonstrably, and unmistakably a false and fraudulent claim. The falsehood of this claim has been utterly, completely, and irrefutably exposed in modern times by witnesses who are alive and within reach of the arm of subpoena today. Accordingly, it is inescapable that the LDS Church, as an institution, and each LDS Church leader who testifies as to the “truthfulness” of the Church, is absolutely and unmistakably guilty of blasphemy, according to their own definition, by so doing. As this is unmistakably the case, they are also guilty of hypocrisy, on a significant moral scale.

While I, personally, do not subscribe to the belief in God, as defined by the Mormon Church, I still do, however, hold the leadership of the Mormon Church accountable to their professed beliefs. They most certainly claim to believe in their God, and they most certainly claim to believe that blasphemy against their God is a serious spiritual and moral infraction. They have unmistakably gone on record, defining blasphemy to include activities that are indistinguishable, in any meaningful way, from their own fraudulent attribution, to God, of their own exclusive appointment to His divine agency as His “prophets, seers, and revelators.” Beyond this, they attribute to God the imposition of requirements upon would-be disciples of Jesus Christ that are fraudulent, self serving, and offensive exploitations of the faith of the naive.

It does not require a belief in their God for any reasonable human being to recognize that this offense is a reprehensible and hypocritical moral turpitude constituting appalling measures of deceit, exploitation, manipulation, and theft by fraud that clearly qualify as an affront, or blasphemy, against learning, against reason, and against truth, and, therefore, by definition, against their own God as defined by them.

The inescapable truth of the matter of Mormon blasphemy is not only an indictment on the leadership of the Mormon Church, but, as well, and indictment on the leadership of any ecumenical council of religion, purporting to advocate faith in the biblical God, that would even tolerate Mormon priesthood representation in their councils or meetings.

I do not support the prosecution of blasphemy in our courts, per se. I believe that verbal offenses against “God” are, appropriately, a constitutionally protected matter of free speech. Having said that, however, let me say this: Compelling evidence supports the conclusion that the Mormon leadership is comprised of blasphemous imposters exploiting the faith of the naive. This raises a fair question for the rest of the Christian clergy wherever they are or may be found. How do you reconcile professing the name of God or advocating the principles of truth on any level while turning a blind eye to the blasphemy of the Mormon fraud? To the extent that you promote tolerance of it, instead of calling it out openly for what it is, aren’t you guilty of perpetuating it together with all of its exploitations in the unholy name of religious politics and undermining and obfuscating truth in the process? Isn’t that blasphemy itself, by the clear definition of your own scriptures?

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