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A Rational and Compatible Epistemology
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Do you employ an intellectual discipline that assists you in the process of being thoughtful and objective in considering all that is relevant before accepting a principle to live by as part of your life? Or do you simply find peace in turning your mind off and acquiescing, like a chameleon, to the prevailing opinion of the current clique?

We recognize that we should not accept, as principles of truth to live by, ideas which cannot be reconciled with a synoptically integrated body of knowledge without contradiction. Truth to be seen as truth must make sense, and must pass the test of scrutiny of it's consistency with reality as we understand it.

We believe we must always be open to the possibility that our perception of reality might be refined and adjusted and improved upon as we learn new truths....but we do not indiscriminantly accept new information as truth just because the cute guy on the corner said so, or the sexy girl down the street said so, or a government official said so, or even a minister or school teacher.

We are thoughtful, considered people. We feel a responsibility to think things through to the best of our ability and subject matters to the final verdict of our own minds without abdication of our intellectual responsibility to process information thoughtfully and accept responsibility for our decisions and positions as our own.

For a relationship to be successful, the parties must share a compatible epistemology. Please thoughtfully consider this brief article about epistemology, and think about whether your epistemology is compatible with ours.

After careful consideration of your own epistemology, do you believe that it is compatible with ours as described here?

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B) Hmmm… let me give this some more thought 

C) No. My standards for identifying truths to live my life by do not require the intellectual discipline described here. For me, truth may be no more complicated than what is uttered by my Prophet or someone else, or what gives me a warm feeling of comfort, no matter the apparent contradictions. If a relationship with you requires such rigorous intellectual discipline, I will pass. 

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