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A Functional and Compatible Social Contract
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Functional relationships, to be successful, must abide by a sustainable and healthy social contract.

A healthy social contract involves certain essential social principles to be sustainable.

These essential principles are necessary to sustain the social order by mutual agreement, without illegitimate oppression, violence, or other forms of coercion or manipulation.

Among these key essential principles are: Justice; Freedom of choice, within reasonable limits; The rights and obligations of fair, honest, and forthright communication; The authorization, support, respect for, and reasonable participation in legitimate measures of advocacy, enforcement, and defense; and a reasonable system of prioritized values.

Please thoughtfully read this discussion of Functional Families and the Social Contract and consider whether you accept the essential social principles described therein.

Have you thoughtfully read and considered these materials on Functional Families and the Social Contract, and having done so, determined that you share our view and acceptance of the essential social principles herein described?

A) Yes, of course 

B) Hmmm… let me give this some more thought 

C) No. I don't think a relationship with you is worth the effort 

D) Yes, I have read the material, but do not share the values and commitments as described. If this is a requirement of a relationship with you, I will pass  

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