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No Archaeological Evidence of Book of Mormon Civilizations
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Not a scrap of archaeological evidence of the existence of the peoples of the Book of Mormon, who were supposed to be numbered in the millions, has been found.

Hundreds of thousands of battle deaths are reported to have occurred on the Hill Cumorah in the days of the Book of Mormon. Not a scrap of archaeological evidence of any such battles or human remains have been found at that site.

Owing to this controversy, the LDS Church has revised its claims that the Hill Cumorah was the exact spot where such battles took place.

See detailed discussion on CESLetter.org

Does the absence of archaeological evidence of Book of Mormon Civilizations give rise to fair questions and concerns?

A) Yes. Of course it does. 

B) No. I have faith that all mysteries will be revealed in God's due time. 

C) No answer. I have been instructed to shun (avoid) such topics. 

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