Resources for victims of Religious Abuse

Direct Contributions for Gaddy Legal Expenses
via Private Benefit Trust

Should the lawsuit be successful, a portion of the proceeds from the fees recovered in the lawsuit will be directed to non-profit organizations which provide services to those harmed by Mormonism, such as shelters for those who have been rejected by their families for leaving Mormonism.

(Smaller contributions through this portal are more direct, but not tax deductible. 100% of the funds will be transfered to the Gaddy Legal Trust fund c/o Kay Burningham.)

Direct Contributions for Related Projects
via Private Benefit Trust

(Non Tax Deductible Contributions through this portal support related public interest projects of Private Benefit Trust.)

Through this portal you may choose to contribute to either of:

• The Gaddy Legal Fund (c/o Kay Burningham)
(100% of the funds will be transfered to the Gaddy Legal Trust fund c/o Kay Burningham.)

• The Freedom of Religion Fund
(Supports a public awareness campaign to expose attempts to protect religious fraud under the guise of "freedom of religion")

• The Religious Fraud Awareness Fund
(Supports a public awareness campaign to expose the inducement of faith by fraudulent misrepresentation of facts to prospective believers)

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