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Managing Grey Ribbon Issues

What's this Grey Ribbon all about?
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It is a symbol of deference to (compliance with) the clear indication of discomfort and obvious choice of avoidance of topics (topical shunning) someone doesn't want to discuss openly, honestly, and fairly within a contextual cloud of unwarranted disrespect and disingenuous manipulation. The context will include the ongoing duplicity of someone who consistently undermines you on the one hand (while outside your presence), yet acting like they care about your relationship and wanting to be on good terms with you, when with you, in person.

The ribbon, itself, is a symbol that saves having to say, out-loud, certain things that certain types of people either don't want to, or can't handle hearing, or things that are otherwise inappropriate or ineffective to say, out-loud, in certain contexts (moments).

The use of the grey ribbon can be an extremely effective technique for managing interactions with people who are chronically disingenuous and manipulative, or for simply putting on the back burner things that are not particularly useful or convenient to deal with in real time, but that shouldn't be forgotten or overlooked permanently.

The grey ribbon technique is not recommended for any situation that should reasonably be overlooked or given a pass. It is a tool for situations that involve behavior that crosses the lines of certain social extremes and is ongoing and where hope for a reconciliation is still part of the equation. These are not situations where emotional maturity would displace or obviate the need or usefulness of the technique. These are situations in which emotional maturity would require it.

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